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Political Writings

Writings synthesizing moral, religious, economic, and poetic nuances to cultivate a philosophical orientation that enhances law, public policy, and culture. Through deepening and uniting men and women’s sensitivity and understanding of Conservatism from a Judeo-Christian perspective, it is hoped human imaginations are purged of vanity's dross, the source of all Truth becomes clear, and man's eternal destiny better known. In essence, it’s valuable to explore the theory—if not truth—that there are two kinds of modern socialist liberal heathen—the EVIL, and the IGNORANT. Either they are ignorant of the laws structuring and energizing the UNIVERSE, HUMAN NATURE and CULTURE, and ECONOMICS...or they understand them the same way conservative Libertarians-Republicans do BUT purposely choose to intoxicate their lustful passions for power and pseudo-Godhood status by Lording over the simple minded, the angry, the criminal willed, the emotionally unstable, the rebellious, and degenerate layers of humanity.

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