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Thank you, my dear friends, thank you.

Thank you for choosing to nourish your mind with truth, make a stand and fight against the tyranny of lies, and sojourn boldly into the kaleidescopic adventure of intelligence analysis.  Thank you for refeshing mankind as examples of courage.


And welcome and congratulations for having joined a fraternity of powerful minds.  We, as you, are relentlessly driven to expose the truth and evaluate with sophisticated detachment our nation's socio-economic diagnostics in order to prudently chart our future geo-political choices. Indeed, as the ancient poet scribed in the crimson ink of his own blood upon the crumbling, white marble columns of his civilization, "How can a man die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods."


It is hoped this information will empower you with the knowledge, confidence, and relationships that will make you powerful in the arena of public policy. As a leader of your community, and a liaison to the highest levels of the intelligence community, you now have the duty, the burden, and the blessing to enlighten your family, friends, and neighbors about your discoveries—and the feelings they inspire. Make no mistake, your family and friends' freedom is dependent upon your work to awaken them; and as difficult, and sometimes uncomfortable, as arousing people content in their sleep can be, it is our spiritual calling and duty to do so. So I encourage you in your challenge.


Here is food for thought I invite you to try in the hope you can share it with the shallow-minded: Ask yourself, “What is more offensively obscene and potentially suicidal than the middle aged, overweight American defining 'Democracy' by gluttonously stuffing himself with the soft white-bread of moral relativism, and gorging on the putrid carion carcass of deformed military patriotism?”


The answer is, I believe, when that person is a parent, and preaching and teaching it to their children as a healthy and natural expression of “American exceptionalism” and Divine guidance. For in this singular act of self-delusion and religious rebellion, it seems they are subtly, if not overtly, destroying the world, one mind, one heart, one hope at a time...and since we're familiar with the eternal promise of “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I shall repay”, the karma bill might be rather expensive come our national collection day.


Indeed when we become aware that much of the world looks upon America's “domestic policy” diet as akin to feasting on disease and corruption itself, and our political values as hypocrisy and chaos, then it seems our empathy for non-Westerner's hyper-passionate and uncompromising desire for virtue, stability, and law, becomes all the more natural—if not beautiful—to us.


So perhaps its time to stop, reflect, re-think, and thereby become re-born in our destiny. “As for me and my house, I shall serve the Lord.” I hope you will ponder your own decision in that choice, and sincerely pray you choose right.


I believe the American people and their military sons and daughters, are on the march for strengthening, not shrinking, our future's potential for joy, peace, order, and liberty. These materials are just meant to be a humble start, as well as a bold trumpet, in that cavalier march. Good luck, and as the D-Day Ranger Captain said to his men, “Keep the sand out of your weapons...I'll see you on the beach.”

                                                                                                                        --Scott Bennett


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