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I very much appreciate your feedback and thoughts.  You are the wind in my sail, and I am very grateful for your kind support and concerns..... God bless you.....Scott




This is the true story of what might possibly be viewed by history as the greatest example of political corruption, military failure, and media conspiracy, in the history of the United States of America—if not Western Civilization.  It spans the globe through the web of modern international banking , and yet has remained hidden to most Americans because of the Patriot Act's unconstitutional authoritarianism, and brain-blinding paranoia of combating terrorism (now, like National Security, conveniently redefined as a continuously evolving term).

Modern American Neo-Conservatives have hysterically hijacked, castrated, and crippled the essential  meaning of traditional conservatism to the point where it has become a wince of pain, betrayal, and fear to the hearer, instead of the warm smile of love, prosperity, and hope it always was.  Modern Liberal-Leftists have recklessly and ruthlessly bludgeoned the American middle class into corporate slavery and government socialism, while poisoning minds with a culture of cannibalistic hedonism, a hatred of religious joy and morality, and sexual annihilation.  Amidst this chaos, a story arrives at the moment most needed by Western Civilization, to serve as a beacon of hope, for those with the heart to want it, and a spirit to seek it.  It is a rallying cry which exposes a lie, emboldens readers to demand answers from the government officials, military officers, and journalists who've  metastasized the lie, and leads people toward the renaissance of freedom and peace which only an information-privacy revolution can inspire—both in American and the world. 

It is the story of an American military officer and Booz Allen Hamilton Defense Contractor who, despite being threatened, tortured, persecuted, and then imprisoned by the American Department of Justice and Attorney General of the United States, continued his counter-terrorism mission; discovered and exposed in whistle-blowing reports to Congress and the military a scandalous conspiracy of government abuses and failures, and fought to inform the public of the unconstitutional and heinous acts being inflicted upon them without their notice, out of his sense of duty to “support and defend” the Constitution of the United States against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

This is the story which occurred before Bradley Manning overflowed with conviction, and the story which eventually prompted and inspired Edward Snowden to help reveal the same information to the American people and the citizens of the free world.  

This is the story which triggered the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency to panic, and in that panic, unintentionally reveal to the American public the real war of lies and national security-police state country being perpetually constructed around them—and the other nations of the world.  

After the Pax Romana, came the disintegration, then the panic, then the prison state Roman Empire.  Now, in 2014 America, the Pax Americana instituted under Ronald Reagan, corrupted by G.H. Bush, restrained and weakened under Bill Clinton,  has violently devolved under G.W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama into, once again, the same pattern of political disintegration, which will either lead to social revolution or political slavery.

The book "SHELL GAME" provides the paradigm for Americans to confirm their identity, shift their government and laws around, and firmly establish their future upon.  The choice to read and be renewed, is entirely the reader's.  As it is written, “I have laid before you life or death....choose life.”  I hope you will choose to read, for in it is life, and life more abundantly.

--Scott Bennett

"Blessed is the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight." --Pslam 114





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